Showcase Features

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Each community listing on RetireNet comes with its own Showcase...your own website within our website, easily and quickly editable, with powerful tools to help you market your business. Your Premier Showcase includes the following features to make your community stand out and get noticed:


Unlimited Description

Provide detailed information about your community, business, or location. This is your opportunity to Showcase your community or business to our expanding family of members and visitors. By including up-to-date and complete information, your Showcase can function as your online brochure.


Contact Form

There are several ways for visitors to to reach you. The primary method is via our online forms, which deliver their contact information to you in an email. Each Showcase contains a contact form for the visitor to fill out to request followup contact and additional information from you without leaving our site. The other online form is our "1Click" form, which allows a visitor to fill out a single form and send it to communities in a specific area, or matching a specific search they have performed on the site. You are in control of the leads you wish to receive, and can filter the determining criteria.


Website, Phone Number,
and Social Media

Connect with your visitors on a more personal level. By adding a link to your community's website and a phone number, visitors are able to contact you directly with any inquiries. Your Facebook and Twitter links allow you to stay connected with prospects through your social media accounts.


Interactive Map

Every Showcase enjoys the benefit of an interactive Google Map. This provides not only location information, but also driving directions to your community. The map will be configured automatically based on the address you enter when you set up your showcase.


Homes & Models

Your Homes for Sale page allows you to list all of your homes in a searchable database, which works site-wide through our property search. You can list an unlimited number of homes, each with a detail page featuring specs, pricing, photos, and more. Your Models page is a convenient place for you to publish the various models of homes featured in your community.



Amenities are additional features and services that your community provides. This is a great way to let visitors know all of the benefits that are associated with living in your community. Amenities may include your community's monthly events and activities, or special areas of interest such as clubhouses or saunas. There is no limit to the amount of amenities you can list.



By adding staff, you are able to put a personal touch on your home listings and allow potential buyers to feel more comfortable requesting information. Each staff member gets a personal detail page, which includes contact info, photo, and featured listings. Using this feature, you can also link sales agents to your homes for sale to streamline the contact process for site visitors.